Company information


1951Daiei Co., Ltd. founded.
Osaka Branch Office established.
1963Maternity Pads (Initial mode. With utility model patented) launched to the market.
1967Tokyo Branch Office established.
1971Nagoya Sale Office and Tsu factory established.
1972Cleansing cotton A & B launched to the market.
1974Tanaka Gauze Co., Ltd. (affiliate company) established.
1977Fukuoka Sale Office established.
1978Sapporo Sale Office established.
1983Sendai Sale Office established.
1984Kyoto Sale Office established.
1985Chiba Sale Office established.
1987Saitama Sale Office established.
1988One way gauze (non-woven gauzes) launched to the market.
1989Maternity Pad FRUITS series launched to the market.
1990Yokohama Sale Office established.
One way system launched to the market.
1992Antibacterial and deodorant products launched to the market.
1993Hiroshima Sale Office established.
Maternity Pad ROYAL series launched to the market.
1995Tray package (sterile packs with rollback machine) series launched to the market.
200010 count gauze (gauze count system, patented) launched to the market.
2002Maternity Pad renewed.
Total Support Proposal system launched.
2004ISO13485 certified at Tsu factory.
2005Consumer Sale Office established.
Kyoto Sale Office relocated for expansion (and renamed to Science City Office).
Renewal of obstetric products (Amethyst Maternity Brand released).
2006Okayama Sale Office established.
Toko-style Pad (just after delivery) launched to the market.
2007Delivery kit N (medical device) launched to the market.
2008Online Shop opened.
Delivery Kit Pink launched to the market.
2013Amethyst Baby brand released.
Amethyst official character in Face book “Cocoru & Miniru” released.
2014Corporate brand renewed.
Amethyst medical brand (for medical professionals) released.
Amethyst famire (to the products for general consumers) brand released.